The Peace Center

                                What we do at the Peace Center...


We offer space physically and spiritually for the seeker along their journey to meet others with similar interests and to learn about various holistic ideas and philosophies...

Also, if you are looking for space or an outlet in which to share your talents, we may be able to help by hosting your event.  We have creative pricing for those just starting out and we are ideally located near the 5th Avenue Metra Train station in Naperville with plenty of parking.

Please go to the Schedule/Calendar page to see what were doing and what others are doing and then join us.  Life is a Journey! 

Life's a journey

               ...your either green and growing or ripe and unknown


The Peace Center
Space to engage with others and yourself around peace and spirituality

Location: 190 E. 5th Avenue, Naperville, IL 60563
Phone:  872-225-2014 - Tracee Keyes

The Peace Center began as an idea over coffee by a few ladies enjoying each others dreams and how they could be expressed.   One dream was to have a place where souls could come together searching for peace through whatever means are presented to them, what they are interested in or a combination of the two.  This was in 2007 and since then many have enjoyed coming together along their journey at The Peace Center.

Please come and enjoy the space along your journey.  You can share in this space bringing either your offerings and/or you willingness to openly receive others.

Tracee Keyes
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